Low cost ways to keep cool this summer

Karen Willson One of our coolest members!

1 Keep hydrated by drinking more water and diluted juices.

2 Avoid alcohol , caffineated  (tea, coffee and cola) or high sugar drinks because their digestion requires water  and dehydrate the body by increased urination.

3 Cool your skin by spraying yourself with a mist of water or use a  damp flannel to moisten your brow.

4 Go for a swim, take a cold bath or shower to refresh and cool your body.

5 Eat chilled  food including fruits and vegetables, ice cream and ice cubes to reduce your temperature.

7 Wear a wide brimmed hat to keep your head in the shade and use sun cream to reduce risk of burning.

8. Wear loose fitting clothes to allow air to circulate.

9. Put your clothes in the freezer so when worn they cool you down fast.

10. Stay indoors or in the shade from 11am-3pm when the sun is strongest.

11. Open windows during the night to allow cooler air in.

12. During the day keep windows, curtains & blinds closed to prevent your home warming.

13. Use a fan in your home to keep air flowing.

14. Visit a place with air conditioning: a gym, shopping centre or a supermarket chilled food section.

15 Keep ankles & wrists bare to cool the whole body.

16 Wear a damp  microfibre towel around your neck to quickly cool your blood temperature.

17  Use a portable fan to keep you cool on the move.

18 Stay in the shade by walking with an  umbrella or parasol.

19  Sit with your feet in a bowl of cold water.

20  If you feel unwell (breathless, chest pain, confusion, intense thirst, weakness, dizziness or cramps which get worse or don’t go away) contact your GP or NHS 111.

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