An Amazing Achievement

Cornish Coast Challenge – 480km in 7 days !!

The Challenge has been successfully completed by Simon Teagle as follows:

To run the full Cornish Coast from Welcombe Mouth (just north of Bude) to Cremyll – Plymouth, at least 480km (300miles) with over 18,000m elevation, that’s up and down Everest twice! In just 7 days!

In a bid to not let living with MS define us, and fundraise for an amazing local MS support centre has led me to conjuring up an event with a main focus on teamwork and impact. An event so tough, it’s almost impossible to fully train for, all you can do is be at your strongest, fittest and injury free, and hope adrenaline and the team does the rest, because like MS, you simply can’t fully prepare for what it might throw at you.

The teamwork element ran each day with a different group of people, with continuous help from an amazing pit crew, setting up fuel stations, campsites, moving kit etc. All whilst maximising impact and fundraising for the Samson Centre for MS.

Why this matters:

In the 4 years since my Relapsing, Remitting Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis there have been no changes in my symptoms and my annual MRI scans show no new lesions on my brain :)This is excellent news and without jinxing it, it shows my management techniques are working at the moment, for which I am extremely grateful and count my blessings. I inject a decoy drug 3 times a week, and am a huge advocate of being outdoors and active.

Over the last few years I have completed approximately 10 marathons, a couple of ultras and a 100km race across the Jurassic Coast fundraising for MS. The Jurassic Coast run was hugely successful, it was a great event with running support from a friend, Dylan Hughes, and a first class pit crew of Alicja, family and friends.

The Samson Centre for MS is a 100% charity funded Centre, with a team of amazing dedicated staff and volunteers, where they offer physiotherapy from MS specialised physiotherapists, with specific equipment catering to all the various needs of MS, access to a fully equipped gym, exercise classes, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, a shared community and much much more. This all goes such a long way in enabling people to live with their MS and manage the daily impacts and effects of the disease.

My mum, who is 40 years on in her journey of living with MS, has recently started using the facilities and the impacts and effects are almost instant, she’s been able to stand up with a machine for the first time in 5 years!

Any donations or contributions to the cause are greatly appreciated.