Volunteers Needed!

Although we are incredibly lucky at the Samson Centre to have some amazing volunteers, we do need more willing assistants! Volunteers form an integral part of our family and we cannot run The Centre without them. Every single one of our volunteers say that they get far more from volunteering than they give because The Centre is such a happy and fun environment. Volunteers need no training or experience and give us their time and their kindness. Most of our volunteers help with our oxygen chambers but they also help members in the centre to get around the place or just put the kettle on. This may sound simple but if you are a wheelchair user or don’t have much grip in your hands you can’t do this for yourself. It makes a big difference. Some of our volunteers carry out more complex care tasks, if they are comfortable to do them and we always make sure they are trained and supported by our professional staff.

Please ring 01483 459120 or email info@samsoncentre.org.uk to find out more. Our main volunteering options are operating our oxygen chambers, occasional physio assistance volunteers and ‘meet and greet/coffee/tea’ helpers.

Do I need a DBS check done in order to be a volunteer?

Yes you will need a DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service) check in order to volunteer at the Centre. The Samson Centre will pay for this and organise this for you.

How often do I need to volunteer?

We ask that volunteers help for a minimum of half a day a week or half a day per fortnight. Several volunteers help out for one day a week or one day a fortnight. We ask that you commit to volunteering for us for at least one year.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

There are Samson Centre polo shirts for Volunteers that you are welcome to have. These are optional though.

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“Inspirational members, great team and loyal volunteers and trustees.”

“There’s an energy to the place, you can see the effort people go to.”