From our Chair

Welcome to the Samson Centre, and thank you for your interest in us.

The Samson Centre was set up for people with MS, by people with MS. We provide essential services, not available through the NHS and without government funding, that help our members live the best life they can with MS.

At the Samson Centre, if it needs doing, we just get on and do it. So we ran our first physiotherapy services in a village hall and our original oxygen chamber was installed and operated in the garage of one of our volunteers.

This ‘can do’ approach of our founding members (of whom I remain in awe) then saw us jointly raise funding for, build and move into our current home, the Guildford Waterside Centre, which we share with a number of local sports clubs and societies.

We have recently substantially expanded our oxygen therapy facilities, showing that the Samson Centre’s desire to move mountains in support of people living with MS remains undimmed.

Today the Samson Centre has over 250 users of all ages. The Centre offers specialist physiotherapy sessions, exercise classes, a state of the art gym as well as oxygen therapy.

Beyond the practical support we provide, the Samson Centre also plays an important social role – it’s a place where people with MS and their carers can meet, spend time and support each other. Those who join the Centre are part of a friendly and welcoming community. We provide a safe place where people with MS can share and support each other, as well as carers, friends and loved ones.

Like many charities, we are dependent on funding and the support of our hard-working volunteers as well as our dedicated professional staff.

If you or a loved one have MS, or are interested in how you can be involved in what the Samson Centre does, please get in touch.


Gavin Crocker

Our vision

Our vision is to provide a constant beacon of hope and support for anyone living with MS.

Our values

We have a set of values that we live by to ensure we deliver the very best service to those living 
with MS.

We are welcoming

At the Samson Centre, the door is always open. We welcome people in our local community with a smile. We make you feel that you are in a friendly, calm, safe place. It’s an energising and uplifting environment where we welcome everyone, from members, to carers and volunteers. We are a local service but our attitude is, if you can get here, you are welcome!

We are understanding

We treat everyone with respect, dignity and compassion. The Samson Centre is a caring, nurturing place where other members and staff truly understand the nuances of MS. 
There’s no need to explain – we get it. The staff and volunteers are giving and generous with their time, showing real empathy and understanding. We are here to support each other – our members, carers and our colleagues alike.

We are empowering

We are proud of our members and their achievements and we empower you to live the best life you can live with MS. We are innovative, always tailoring our approach to the individual and thinking of new ways to do things, challenging convention. The Samson Centre is full of inspiring people, who help our members to reach their potential. We encourage our people to be brave, to stay active and strong. You are empowered to take control of your own health in the knowledge that we are here to support you.

We are dedicated

We are a dedicated Centre for people with MS, run by people who are committed to the cause of looking after both physical and mental health. The Samson Centre was set up by people with MS, for people with MS. Our dedication ensured there was a central hub for people to meet and be active. This continues today. We make sure we have the latest knowledge and tailor our plans to the individual.

“To provide an environment where people feel safe to share their experiences.”

Need our help?

You don’t need a referral and we don’t have a catchment area. Our approach is if you can get here, we can help!