Debbie takes the plunge with a smile!

Open Water Swimming has taken off around the UK in recent years. A small intrepid group of participants swim at the Samson Centre every Wednesday at 8am, spearheaded by Samson Centre Rehab Assistant Alison, the group named the Guildford Mermaids has grown from 1 to 5 including Trainee Physio Gemma.

Debbie the Samson Centre manager was so enthused with the idea, that she joined Alison for a swim at Frensham Ponds seen pictured, Debbie who has been struggling with knee pain found the cool and refreshing waters very relaxing. Debbie said “it was great fun and Alison is excellent in providing support and reassurance, I’m definitely coming back.” The smiles say it all after their invigorating swim both ladies enjoyed a hot cup of coffee to warm up.