Alice & Claud’s run 10k for the Samson Centre for MS

Sun 14th July 2024
London 10k

Alice & Claud’s run 10k for the Samson Centre for MS

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Those who know us will know that The Samson Centre for MS holds a special place in our hearts.

This self-funded charity offers vital support to individuals living with MS in Surrey, SW London, and nearby areas. From physiotherapy to fitness classes and baric oxygen therapy, they provide not just physical assistance but also create a warm, supportive community where MS patients and their caregivers can connect with others facing similar challenges.

The center’s founder, John Hambly, is not just a friend’s dad but also someone who embodies strength and resilience despite living with MS for many years.

In November 2021, our best friend Ellie, John’s daughter, received her own MS diagnosis. Her unwavering courage and resilience serve as daily reminders of her incredible spirit.

This run isn’t just for the charity, it is for Ellie. She will be the one providing us with the motivation to push through and cross the finish line.