Lou Whyte (Louise)

My MS journey started at 29 years old, with a second attack of optic neuritis and Moorfield Eye Hospital wanted to investigate why this happened again.

I had to go into St Thomas’ Hospital for further investigation. After three days as an inpatient, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. As I had no support network from my family (my Mum had died when I was 23), I decided not to worry my friends with the diagnosis and started my MS journey alone. This resulted in me running regularly (two 5K runs for the MS Trust) and being as healthy as I could.

Flash forward 10 years, I started living in the Guildford area. I visited The Samson Centre for MS and felt such “survivor guilt”. Although everyone was friendly, many people seemed to be worse affected than me. However, thankfully a few years later, I decided to try again, and wish I hadn’t left the first time!

The Centre has been such a blessing – through making new and long-term MSer friends, to the amazing classes, and one-to-one physiotherapy. It has helped me face life with MS head on and I pleased to say I am no longer afraid of the condition. The support given by those professionals and fellow MSers has been and continues to be amazing!