Results of the Member Satisfaction Survey 2023

Sara McGowan – Lead Physio

A big thank you to all of you who took the time to complete the survey.  Your feedback and thoughts on the service help to inform how we plan the next year at the Samson Centre. 

We had 70 responses in total.  This represents 28% of all those registered on the Physiotherapy and Gym User database. It does not include Oxygen-only users. 

We received some very positive feedback relating to both the Physiotherapy and Gym service, which can best be summarised as a Word Cloud

What would members like to see changed at the Samson Centre?

31 responded that no changes were needed. 

From the remaining 39 responses, the key suggestions were:  

  1. A noticeboard with details of classes
  2. Name badges
  3. How to access physiotherapy and gym reviews
  4. Improved entry system – door fobs at front door not easy to reach
  5. More information on other services available to pwMS
  6. 2 respondents commented that cleanliness throughout the Centre could be improved.
  7. 1 respondent requested air conditioning in the hall as heat is a major problem for pwMS
  8. 2 respondents asked for opportunities to meet more members
  9. 2 respondents requested regular appointment times and 2 requested more flexibility
  10. Request from1 member to be weighed more often

If you have visited the Centre in the past month you may have noticed that we have implemented some of these suggestions.  We now have a new Physiotherapy and Gym noticeboard as you enter the hall.  This has up to date information on class times and Group gym training sessions.  Staff have all been provided with name badges.  The trustees have been provided with a more in-depth analysis of the survey and they will be made aware of the other issues which fall out of the remit of the Physiotherapy service. 

Physiotherapy reviews

Members are very welcome to request a physiotherapy review if you have a change in circumstance, for example:

  • if you have developed a new symptom which is causing you difficulties
  • if you have had a significant fall
  • if you are in experiencing pain, spasms or spasticity which is not responding to treatment
  • if you have noticed a marked change in your ability to walk / transfer

We do try and keep an eye on those we see regularly in classes or on the gym, but if you are an independent gym user we may not see you for months at a time.  The more flexible with appointment times and days the easier it is for us with fit you in the diary.  We often have availability at 9am and 2pm for review appointments. 

Gym reviews

If you are an independent gym user and would like to have your programme reviewed, you can request a review at the office.  


All our class information is available on the website and on the new noticeboard.  We currently have some limited availability.  Each class has set criteria and a maximum number of participants attending; this is in order that the classes run safely and that we ensure that we have the correct number of staff, equipment and space.  I will be reviewing our class offering and will take on board the requests for more Pilates, circuits and stretch / yoga / Tai Chi. 

Equity of service provision

Some queries were raised in the survey about why Members were limited to a maximum of two sessions a week.  To give some background, pre-pandemic our membership stood at approximately 170 members.  We currently have 248 people attending the Centre for Physiotherapy and to use the gym, 48 of whom are living with the consequences of advanced MS. In addition, we are all very aware of the pressures in the NHS post-Covid, and we have noticed a reduction of NHS rehab availability which has increased demand for our services.

Everyone’s needs are different and there are, in some cases either personal, safeguarding or clinical reasons why we might offer some members more intervention.  Confidentiality is important, and there is always fair and good reason why someone might be attending physio more regularly than others. 

I hope that helps explain the juggling act we have to perform each week when we are planning the diary!  

If you have any further queries or questions, then please let me know and we will continue to work hard to improve the service we are offering you all. 

With best wishes

Sara McGowan

Lead Physiotherapist