Text Giving by Phone

Below you’ll find all the specific information needed for you to make a text donation to us.

Text donations enable you to support your cause directly from your mobile phone.

There is no need to complete complicated forms. You just have to send us a short text message as shown below.

It works across all mobile networks in the UK and you will only be charged at your normal rate for texts. A confirmation Text will be sent back to your mobile so you will see exactly what’s been charged to your mobile account.

Don’t forget to sign up for “Gift Aid”. You’ll  be sent details of how to do this in the return text message. You select from the list below the size of the donation you would like to make and then:

To donate £3 text SAMSON to 70331
To donate £5 text SAMSON to 70970
To donate £10 text SAMSON to 70191
To donate £20 text SAMSON20 to 70191
To donate £30 text SAMSON30 to 70191